1. De-risk infrastructure projects through the application of novel, cost-saving technology.

  2. Increase NPV of assets by de-risking them with an accurate 3D record of construction.

  3. Digitize otherwise analogue infrastructure information.

  4. Provide 3D visualization of your project to everyone from anywhere in real-time.

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Rapid 3D mapping with Lux Modus is faster, more affordable, and can be completed by anyone, anywhere, and on their schedule.

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Why Lux Modus?

Lux Modus is an advanced 3D mapping technology company focused on democratizing 3D data collection.

Our low cost, easy-to-use collection platform is fully self contained and can be mounted in several different configurations depending on your mapping needs.

Our one touch data capture technology frees the user from having to manage the system while driving around the collection area.

Consisting of a high-density digital LiDAR and three 13 megapixel cameras, the LuxGear unitis capable of creating super rich contextual 3D maps at a price and speed not available before.

Through our LuxWeb 3D visualization web portal you can view, manage and manipulate 3D data from our LuxGear platform or other third party scanning systems.