Lux Modus LiDAR Applications

LiDAR Applications

See below for the various applications we readily support.

  • Corridors

    Build and maintain you infrastructure assets better by capturing detailed 3D models cm-by-cm with high-density point clouds and ultra high-resolution imagery.

    Includes: Pipelines, Roads, Rail, and Transmission


  • The Built Environment

    Mapping the world around us is normally hard, Lux Modus makes it quick and easy. Make your models at the individual house or entire city level.

    Includes: Urban Mapping, Industrial/Facilities, Planning and Design, Parks and Public Spaces


  • Mining

    By creating a 3D model of a project as it develops, an accurate analysis can be conducted by comparing and contrasting the as-built structure against the original design. Any deviation from the original design will be obvious from a visual perspective, as well as providing the survey team with the advantage of being able to interrogate the numerical data used to build the 3D model…


  • Reclamation

    To protect and preserve our world, we need to know and understand it. A detailed 3D model is the best starting point for attribution and monitoring of our environment.

    Includes: Environmental Monitoring, Reclamation and restoration


  • Entertainment

    The world is 3D…

    Includes: AR and VR, Game Development, Film and Production, and Training