Our History

Lux Modus is a veteran-led company created in 2017 to disrupt the 3D mapping industry by breaking down the barriers to entry of collecting, processing, and using 3D.

Developed out of the autonomous vehicle mapping (AV) industry, Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy (IMA) was created to leverage the advanced data collection, post processing and feature extraction technology from the AV mapping industry for infrastructure mapping. Since 2017 IMA has provided world leading geospatial data collection programs, data processing, feature extraction and 3D modeling projects across various industry verticals. Lux Modus also leveraged advanced AV mapping technology to create an affordable and easy-to-use 3D data collection platform, so the synergies between the two companies were obvious early on. With Lux Modus collecting massive amounts of 3D data, and IMA ready to manage those projects, process the data, and provide value-added mapping, the two companies started partnering on projects.

Today, Lux Modus and IMA have come together to offer the 3D mapping industry a full vertically integrated data collection and mapping company. Retaining the Lux Modus name, our new 3D mapping company is very well positioned to revolutionize the traditional mapping industry.