Lux Modus is honored to have a 4-member Advisory Board with 2 of the individuals listed below.

Advisory Board Members

  • Geoffrey Cann

    Advisory Board Member

    Geoffrey Cann is an author, educator, podcaster, and inspiring professional speaker. His passion is the Oil and Gas industry, essential to our modern industrial society, and its imperative to exploit digital innovations as we slowly transition to new fuels. He has worked around the world, including Canada, the US, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia and the Caribbean over a 35 year career. He teaches a seminar on digital oil and gas, produces a weekly article and podcast on digital issues in energy. His first book, Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas, is being translated into Russian, and his next book, a study of the leading practices for digital in oil and gas, will be published early in 2022.

  • Geoff Zeiss

    Principal, Between the Poles

    Geoff tracks the contribution of geospatial technology to the digitalization of the construction and energy industries on his “Between The Poles” blog, LinkedIn, and other media. His areas of special focus are mapping underground utility infrastructure, BIM and geospatial interoperability and the application of reality capture and machine learning in the utility and construction sectors. Geoff Zeiss has more than 20 years experience in the geospatial IT industry working with utilities, communications, and public works in enterprise IT around the world. In his early career, he was responsible for some of the largest successful implementations of location-aware enterprise design and records management software in the utility and telecommunications sectors. He has actively supported open standards as a director of the Open Geospatial Consortium. He has participated in underground advisory groups in the UK, Singapore and the US and advises private companies interested in the underground utility locating, capture and sharing market.