How it Works


At Lux Modus we have three core technologies:

LuxGear – our hardware platform. Extremely easy to use and it doesn’t require specialized training. Upon arrival on site you will be ready to scan in less than 20 minutes.

LuxCloud – our automated data processing pipeline that saves time and money by giving users the ability to view the data within minutes of download from anywhere in the world

LuxWeb. – our 3D point cloud and imagery viewer. The LuxWeb viewer allows users to view the data collection, tag or comment on each scan, and view all the geo-referenced images associated with each scan. Users decide which data they want to process and transfer to their databases, as well as having the ability to complete measurements and basic queries to organize and monitor their progress. We would love you to use LuxGear but if that isn’t for you we can also import your data from other drone or terrestrial devices.

We have brought 3D mapping to the masses by making LuxGear easy to use, internalizing data processing and by removing the need for users to take specialized training. Affordably priced with various purchasing options, Lux Modus has made 3D mapping something every project can afford.