Why Lux Modus

We are Lux Modus, a remote sensing technology company focused on democratizing the collection of 3D data for the world.

By lowering equipment costs and eliminating the need for advanced software and specialized training, we bring accurate, high resolution 3D scanning technology to the masses.

We believe that through our effort to democratize 3D mapping we have created the fastest, easiest to use and most affordable mapping system.  It provides flexibility to our customers in how data is collected, how it is paid for, and how it is delivered, all while reducing the cost of ownership.

Lux Modus offers the best value for your dollar and minute of collection time.  Providing you the data you want in near real-time but at a cost you can control is the value Lux provides our customers.

How Do We Compare?

Our answer starts with our corporate vision: to democratize 3D mapping. To do so, we set out to create a mapping system that is fast, affordable, and easy-to-use, even in the harshest conditions. From collaboration with customers in the early days of designing our business model it became clear that we need to focus on selling the value of 3D mapping, not just a hardware system. From our description below you will see that not only have we created a hardware platform for construction, not general mobile mapping, but a business model, designed to allow you to pay for value.

The key differentiators of our system are:

Rugged and designed for the active construction site in winter conditions of -40 Degrees Celsius to +45 Degrees Celsius.
The LiDAR sensor and our three ultra-high-resolution (13MP) cameras are oriented to ensure the best capture of the desired target or application. No capturing of areas you’re not interested in, so you are getting more value for the data collection time.
At 1.3 million points/s, cm level precision and accuracy, and with ambient IR (AIR) capabilities, the Ouster LiDAR that we use is best suited for your detailed 3D mapping needs.
Priced to be affordable and provide customers flexibility in costing to ensure value is realized.
No special skills are required to setup or operate the system, or process data; thus providing more flexibility in who is assigned to data collection and when.
It takes just five minutes to become fully trained on how to install and operate LuxGear and it is a one person set up and operation.
The LuxGear system can also be programmed to be completely automated and 100% hands off.
We take care of the post processing in LuxCloud so no software or special training is required.
Uploaded data is provisionally processed in minutes and is viewable in LuxWeb or readily transferred to your cloud database.
Our fully automated data processing pipeline registers, colourizes and classifies data automatically; again reducing costs and schedule.
We have drastically reduced the cost of hardware ownership with flexible lease and payment terms.
Our customers only pay for the data they use, which provides cost data certainty.
Generous evergreen and replacement terms are also offered to ensure our customers always have the latest technology.

In short, our business is based around providing valuable datasets to customers, not on selling hardware or software. So, we have made our equipment affordable with a variety of pricing scenarios, and we have brought the cost of software and processing internally. We work with our customers to ensure the price of the hardware is not an impediment to using our technology, and that they only pay for data that is of value. The existing mobile mapping manufacturers are the opposite. Their businesses are focused around selling hardware and software, and the onus is on the user to process the data and create value. Put another way, our customers, have a low equipment cost and can control the cost of data; where in the traditional mobile mapping model, customers pay a high hardware and software price, and have to carry the cost of personnel and data processing regardless of how much of the data gets used.

We look forward to the opportunity to tell you more about Lux Modus in detail and demonstrate the technology first hand and the data it captures at Fort Hills. We know you and the team will be impressed.

As we have mentioned before, our goal here is to develop a collection program with you using our technology. Because of the flexibility built into our system costs and our business model, we are able to customize a hardware and data processing program that suites your specific needs and is priced on value. We are not looking to sell hardware, we are seeking to provide value.

Built tough

Lux was designed for the harshest of construction environments first. We knew that if we could develop a system for pipeline and facility construction mapping in northern Canada, then we would inherently have a system that could be used for traditional mobile mapping, like highway or powerline mapping.

The LuxGear system has a proven operating range of -40oC to +45 oC and believe the range to be even greater than that. Its rugged chassis takes a beating, but the modular design allows us to easily replace any damaged components in minutes should the need arise. But most like, we will just replace it for you.

Mission focused design

The base system has a range of 60m, but this can be increased if required. We have found that 60m is more than sufficient for most mapping applications; and our users have told us that it is more cost effective to spend only a few more minutes collecting in an area than increase the price of device by tens of thousands of dollars.
The Ouster LiDAR system on our system creates 1.3 million points per second and is a Flash LiDAR. Meaning you always get a consistent point spacing which ensure the best ‘painting’ of the target. Also, the Ouster LiDAR also provides the ambient IR as a native value in the returned signal. We are already seeing the value of this additional data set and as our customers start combining that data with the colourization of the point cloud a new era of 3D mapping will be unleashed. We are excited at the prospect of working with you to realize the value of colourization and ambient IR (or AIR) and we believe it is potential an area of significant collaboration between us.

Our imaging system is directly sync’d with our LiDAR system enabling automated colourization of the point cloud. We collaborated with our customers and realized what they wanted were high-res cameras pointed at the targets not all-round or into space. So, we designed our system with 3 X 13 MP cameras to provide ultra-high-resolution imagery of the targets being mapped and are positioned to be a central part of the collection mission. Our system also allows the user to choose which cameras are recording thus enabling the user to reduce the edge processing time and the impact on storage.

Omni Directional Mounting

Part and parcel to the mission focused design of our system, rather than a generic point in every direction design, is our omni-directional mounting system. Based on the collection mission, the user can “point” the system in the direction and orientation most suited to the mission. In the case of mapping a pipe in a ditch, that would be with the camera’s pointed down. We envision that a mine collection mission would have the unit in the vertical position with the camera’s pointed in the direction of travel, like how you would envision most mobile mapping systems to be set up. In this orientation, the three cameras’ will only be imaging the mine and not the sky or the vehicle, and the LiDAR will be mapping everything in its sight. Thus, ensuring the greatest value from the investment in the cameras and LiDAR.

Post processing – our problem, not yours

As mentioned, we do all the post processing. Our customers simply upload the data to our cloud, and it is provisionally post-processed in minutes thanks to our patent pending parallel data processing pipeline. Our customers do not have to buy, maintain and support any software for post processing. Our data out puts are in geospatial industry standard formats ensuring easy ingestion into GIS and CAD software. All data sets are viewable in our LuxWeb portal, but once base station data is provided, the data can process to final and can be automatically transferred to our customers cloud infrastructure.

Our LuxGear platform is also semi-autonomous in that the upload of data from the LuxGear platform and the extraction and ingestion of base station data into our LuxCloud can be automated for customers. Any LuxGear systems that you had could be permanently mounted on a collection vehicle and programmed to collect when the vehicle is moving. Thus, making the system fully autonomous and hands off.

Paying only for value

As indicated earlier, our customers only pay for the data they see as valuable and wish to use. For example, if a team member was collecting data several times a day through your operational environment, but only wanted specific scans at specific times of day, only those scans would be purchased. The nature of our system and how it is costed affords Lux Modus the ability to offer a flexible plan similar to a lump sum cost for the year, or a credit-based payment system similar to a traditional SaaS payment system. This flexibility in purchasing data was one the key take-aways from our early engagement with customers when we were first developing the Lux Modus business model.

The market has told us that this flexibility in payment and only paying for value, is further complimented by the fact that customers can avoid the cost of highly trained personal, expensive post processing software and the delays in accessing data that this entails. Each of these lowers the cost of ownership which is also a form of value for our customers.

The LuxGear is almost a consumable

Or course we do not want you to break the equipment, but we do have a very flexible warranty and replacement plans for our LuxGear. Evergreen plans are available for our customers ensuring that they always have the latest technology, much like leasing plans for large equipment. At Lux we have chosen a modular design to our equipment, so if components break or newer and improved components are available, they can be easily exchanged which is another value point for our customers.