3D Web Mapping

We are an industry leader in 3D web mapping. Our suite of technology allows users to flip between 2D and 3D in the same web map interface. Available on any standard web browser with now special downloads or widgets, our 3D web portal can be viewed on any web enabled device.

The ability to view 3D features in a web map is a powerful tool for consultation, collaboration and even planning and design.

In addition to the ability to view your maps in 3D, our technology allows for the viewing of your LiDAR point clouds in addition to 3D features (such as buildings and power lines).

Our 3D web portal is also equipped a variety of geospatial tools that include:

  • 3D measuring tools
  • Database querying and reporting
  • 3D profile tools with export to Excel and KML functions
  • Preformated printing of map window scenes for creation of publications and reports
  • Export of any data
  • User inputted points on the map (often used to comment on important geographic features or points of interest)
  • User created line sketching (usual for route planning and design)

All of our web services can be hosted in the country of use to prevent cross board data security issues, and all services require secure login.

Our 3D web maps are used for pipeline and other corridor routing, engineering and construction projects as well as BIM viewing and archaeological investigations.