Feature Extraction

One of the greatest advancements in modern geospatial technology is the ability to extract 3D geospatial features from LiDAR and imagery.

We evolved out of a division of an industry leading autonomous vehicle mapping company bringing the best technology and methods from that industry. From this experience we have become a pioneer of feature extraction for infrastructure mapping, particularly for corridors such as pipelines, roads, powerlines and railways.

Utilizing automated and semi-automated techniques and world leading technologies and cloud services, we are able to conduct feature extraction at a rapid and low cost.

We refer to this as Rapid Mapping and our Rapid Mapping project experience covers the gamut of infrastructure projects from a 3D BIM model of the City of Saskatoon, to major rail corridors and extensive pipeline corridors.

Once feature extraction is complete our clients often rely on us to host these features in our industry leading 3D web mapping service.

With our remote sensing program management, feature extraction, and web mapping expertise we are the ideal partner for your geospatial project.